EZ Connector System Case Study with Heritage Mechanical Services:

Duro Dyne's EZ Connector System was used by Heritage Mechanical Services, An EMCOR Company, based on Long Island, NY, in the HVAC system in a new wing of a hospital in New York City.

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Machinery Help from Territory Managers:

Austin, we sincerely appreciate you and Justin taking the time to come out and observe our older pinspotter and determine it just needed some small parts and adjustments to bring it to like new operation. You spending a few hours in our shop made all the difference in the world. Rest assured, we will continue to use the Duro Dyne products to assist in fabricating top quality duct and fittings. You exhibited great knowledge of the machine and were able to zero in on the causes of its erratic operation, elevating the machine from a position of shop pariah to a sought after operating station.


Malcolm J Sweet, General Manager
Integrated Facility Services


The Dream Team:

Customer Service Team, you really have your stuff dialed in when it comes to turn around times and it is truly appreciated compared to the other nightmares out there. Thank You!!!


John K Keefe, Division Manager
Bay Insulation of Arizona


Customer Service Excellence:

Once again, the wonderful ladies at Customer Services have helped me get out of a jam! Samantha, you don't know how many times you have saved me with my ordering!


Paul Heil of Geo. V. Hamilton, Inc.


EZ Connector System saved time in the field:

We learned about the EZ Connector system and had a job in 2019 we believed would be a perfect test. We found connecting duct with the EZ bolt saved time in the field and allowed our installers to use fewer tools during the duct assembly process. There was a very short learning curve for our field personnel with respect to how tight the bolts needed to be without stripping and we've continued to use them on all of our installations since. After using the EZ Connector system, it makes no sense to go back to using nuts and bolts to connect TDC/TDF ductwork.


Rod Pettes and Eugene Johnson
Dynamic Systems, Inc - Dallas



Super Dyna-Hammer is a staple:

Very happy with the performance of the Super Dyna-Hammer. This will be a staple in our shop moving forward. Another great product from Duro Dyne!


Dennis Mahone, Shop Foreman
Delta Sheet Metal - Bethpage, NY



Extreme Temperature Dyn-O-Ties Testimonial:

Scott Anderson with Ziegler has had great experience using the Extreme Temperature Dyn-O-Ties in Boise, ID's extreme temperatures!





Tech Service Help From Willie:

Willie, I must tell you that when we spoke, I could tell you were confident, experienced and very, very helpful.
You knew your product, you knew I needed the green base updated motor AND you told me how to clock the new motor AND you gave me the part number AND you recommended a website to buy it.
I own a company with lots of staff and I can only hope they come across as friendly, knowledgeable and experienced as you do.


Mark Salem
Tempe, Arizona



Great Customer Service Team:

I truly feel that you at Duro Dyne have one of the best customer service teams ever! All of you do so much to take care of me! Thank you!


Letha Franklin
American Metals Supply Co.



Warrior Wall:

I wanted to thank you and DuroDyne for the Warrior Wall banner you presented at the AHR Expo in Chicago. While we were not able to see it personally, my hopes are some of my colleagues in the industry may have. My son Mike Kincel is the Coburn's Branch 2 manager in Lafayette sent me these photos of the mailing he received and I was surprised to see my youngest son, Noah's name printed on it.

Having been a contractor since the early 70's I have used your products extensively in my ductwork construction and was very happy to see our family members name being honored at the convention by your company.

Please pass along my/our gratitude to Duro Dyne for your support of our troops. Noah is 3rd generation Air Force and we are very proud of him as well. Thanks again.


Rick Kincel
Coburn Supply Company



Tech Service Help from Louis:

I am writing to thank you for your outstanding technical support specialist (Louis Scarpa) who assisted me yesterday in getting my furnace to work.

To summarize the situation, I had been without heat for four days in the lower level of my home. Louis spent more than 90 minutes taking me step by step through trouble-shooting my damper system. He even taught me how to make rudimentary use of my volt-meter.

His extraordinary patience, diligence, and thoroughness saved me from no heat in the midst of extreme cold in Wisconsin.

Thank you for having such a skilled and dedicated person on your team.


Oliver K. Burrows III



STAR Program Value:

The Star Program concept has really been good for both us and Duro Dyne. Excellent news and feedback on these calls. The fact that you guys jumped on it so fast is quite remarkable!
In this case, like so many others, Duro Dyne really has reacted faster than anyone else could have possibly. I am glad to have a partner like Duro Dyne because this increases our value to the contractor in a big way.


Harry Thompson IV
Conklin Metal



ASVC2 Vane Cutter Testimonial:

M & E Contractors of Richmond VA, recently set up their Duro Dyne Vane Cutter machine and are amazed at the improvement over traditional chop saw methods.


M & E Contractors



Going the extra mile:

I wanted to let you know what a great service Yesenia gave us this morning in your customer service department, helping us getting the SDS for the mastic. The website was down and she really went the extra mile for us.


Luis Rodriguez
Boreal International
a Watsco Inc. Subsidiary



Customer Service Help:

Kim, Thanks for the help! You’re the best CS person I know!


Karen Beltz Brooks
McDaniel Metals



Thank you video from long time Duro Dyne user:

Loren Lightcap has been using DD products since the early 60's. He sought us out at Peirce Phelps show to tell us how much he appreciated our consistent quality over the years.


Lorin Lightcap
Trade School Instructor & Long Time Duro Dyne user



Thank you Louis in Tech Service:

My technician and I are grateful to Louis Scarpa in your Technical Service Department. He walked us through troubleshooting an older DuroZone SMZ-SW zone panel problem and we solved the problem. He really knows the product and is an excellent communicator.


Chuck Burkholz
Klecker's Heating & A/C Inc
June 1, 2017



Blue Hawk Vendor of the Year:

Duro Dyne is proud to accept the Vendor of the Year award at the Blue Hawk Conference on April 20, 2017 in Denver!



Territory Manager Justin Johnston:

Justin did some job site Dyne-Tite training with one of our largest Mechanicals yesterday. Not only did he rearrange his schedule to do this, but did an impressive job and most likely secured a great deal of business. I really appreciate Justin and all he does for Conklin. He is a pleasure to work with, responsive, and dependable.


Joe Maxwell
Conklin Metal Industries



Thank you Yesenia and Dennis:

Yesenia and Dennis,
You guys are great to work with! Thank you for helping me through my first order!


Mark Hoffman
Distribution International



Duro Dyne Pink:

My Snips Magazine arrived yesterday with a terrific piece about Duro Dyne’s “Pink” Pinspotter promotion. What an incredible testament to a caring company. We have been great partners for so many years and this only affirms all I have come to respect in your fine organization. Thank you for calling attention to the scourge of breast cancer in such a creative and high profile manner. Plus your circular banner at the booth really seemed to be eye catching.
Congratulations on being the leader we all know you to be. Keep up the inventive and clever work.


Bruce Christian
NB Handy



Taking the time to get it right:

Thank you for always being so patient and taking the time to get things right for us! We really appreciate all that Duro Dyne does for us!


Letha Franklin
American Metals Supply



Great Customer Service help:

Hi Melanie! I got my pin spotter parts yesterday, and wanted to tell you again thanks for all the help. Going forward, I won’t pass up any opportunities to sell any Duro Dyne products I’m unfamiliar with, knowing you guys are so readily available!


Ronald G. Heft
H & V Sales Warehouse



Thank you Willie for your service:

Willie Vasquez is an amazing employee in your company. He went to extreme measures to help me resolve a problem with my HVAC system this last weekend. If you have an employee of the year reward, he should receive it!


Steve Watkins, Homeowner



Professional Service on Pinspotter:

I want to say thank you to Mike Peluso on the fast and professional service & repair he performed on our pin spotter. Duro Dyne provides great products and services to our industry. And they back it up with a great service team!


Chris Stratoudakis
Controlled Temperatures, Inc.



Thank you Louis and Melanie:

I want to thank both Melanie in Customer Service and Louis in Tech Service for your assistance! Your customer service is EXCELLENT!! Louis, you were able to pin point exactly what we needed with very little information and I appreciate your time. Melanie, thank you getting the ball rolling for us as well as the list of vendors.


Lisa Santana
Novair Mechanical Inc.



Prompt and Excellent Service on Pinspotter:

I wanted to reach out to Ken Barr and Mike Bonilla for their prompt and excellent service on our RH Mach2 Pinspotter, it works great!


Bill Obrien
Custom Air Inc.



Excellent Customer Service:

I would like to express our gratitude and congratulations to Duro Dyne for their improvement in customer service. This week I had the opportunity to talk with Yesenia, who was very professional and willing to help. Derlyne was also exceptional, as well as Nancy. I experienced professional, kind, and fast responses to get my order placed and shipped. Of course, we appreciate working with Dave May also, who is always willing to help and do his best to accomplish the task.


Luis Rodriguez
Boreal International, A Watsco Inc. subsidiary



The value of Duro Dyne:

Thanks everyone for stepping up and making my customer happy with the extra service. They see a value using Duro Dyne and it isn’t always on products, it’s also with the service provided. Your help this week just helps reinforce that belief.

You guys deserve the kudos on the improvements and efforts in same day deliveries, accuracy in pulling orders etc.


Ken Ball – Bay Insulation



We appreciate Mickey O'Leary's efforts!:

Mickey was able to accommodate a last minute cook-out we decided to have. He did a great job interacting with the customers. We really appreciate his efforts.


Ted Kolbus | Capitol Supplies, Inc.



Thank you for the technical help:

Rob Evans of Precision Sheet Metal was having some trouble with his Pinspotter and Duro Dyne Territory Manager Ken Barr helped him solve his machine trouble. Rob reported back to Philip Geiser of Binghamptom Hardware, "Not only did he provide solid advice, he also is replacing the worn parts. Please be sure that all consumable material sold to Precision Sheet Metal are Duro Dyne brand.”



Award from Distribution International:

Duro Dyne is proud to accept this Preferred Supplier Recognition Award from Distribution International! Thank you!



DuroZone Installation

Apprentices of the Local #265 Sheet Metal Union in Carol Stream, Illinois installing a donated DuroZone zoning system. Instructor, Joseph P. Carone reports they were impressed with the system.



Duro Dyne to the rescue!

Fab-rite sheet metal in Des Plains, Illinois had a emergency breakdown of another manufacturers adhesive pump and Duro Dyne came to the rescue with the SSFU - Super Spray Fast Universal Pump! Owner Pat Ryan couldn't be happier with Duro Dyne service!



From A&J Sheet Metal:

"Testimonial from Jim Hanna with A & J, a small shop in Southern California about the quality of Duro Dyne products."



Two thumbs up for the Dyna-Tite Suspension System:

Duro Dyne customer Binghamton Hardware recently introduced the Dyna-Tite Cable Lock Hanging System to their customer KC Larson in Williamsport, PA. KC Larson then installed Dyna-Tite at the Weis Market Distribution Center and was very pleased with the results, reporting back to Binghamton Hardware, “Two thumbs up on the Dyna-Tite cable support system! We saved a ton of money on materials (strut, rod, hardware) and particularly labor.”



Thank you for the help:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Ken for traveling to our shop, supplying the parts and installing at no charge. That is a service that is rarely seen now a days. We really appreciate your passion for the industry and will continue using Duro Dyne products to help maintain our relationship. Please feel free to swing in while you’re in the area."

~John Espinos
Central Sheet Metal



Cleater Tool:

"We use tdf cleats on every job and Duro Dyne is the brand we always use. Our company has asked to show them ways to make the installation process quicker and easier and I have found a major issue is the amount of wasted cleats on floor and the time it takes to get cleats up. Now that I use the Duro Dyne Cleater Tool, I never have one cleat go on the ground. It has not only reduced waste of material but also made the installation quicker and easier.

Your products are top notch and in my opinion, ahead of the curve. I’ve been an HVAC installer for 15 years and have used many other products, but your products are superior to the others.

Keep making quality products that exceed the others. Your company and its employees are doing a great job with making great products that are easy to install and work with. My hats off to you guys!

Thank you! "

~Kyle Holland



Thank you for fixing our Mach IIA Pinspotter! :

"Thank You Larry so very much for coming, on short notice, to the Aerohead Mechanical shop to fix their Mach IIA Pinspotter! They are so busy right now they cannot afford to have their Pinspotter down!

I really appreciate you changing your schedule today to get up at the crack of dawn and drive from Houston to Spring Branch, TX! Because of your decision to do this for us and our largest sheet metal customer Aerohead Mechanical, their down time for installing duct liner was very minimal.

I have attached pictures of the old parts and the new parts installed by Dr. Larry Moody!

Again…………..thank you…….AWESOME LARRY!"

~Eric A. Johnson
Sales Representative at General Insulation Company, Inc.



Customer Service:

"Your customer service has always been top notch. With that said, I wanted to pay your Customer Service Manager Stephanie D'Angelo a compliment - she is fast with her answers AND that’s great! It makes myself and of course Star Supply look good to our customers and we get sales because of that."

~Ron Ennis
The Star Supply Co.

"You are one of the best customer service contacts we work with and I really appreciate all that you do. It makes my life much easier."

~Brandon Gregory
American Metals Supply Co., Inc.



Star Program:

"All of us at American Metal Supply and customers certainly appreciate the Star Program! There is no doubt, this program has gained additional customer loyalty for us both! Thank you!"

~Jim Morton
American Metals Supply Co., Inc.



DTWA Web Adhesive Spray video:

"Steve Woodward with CMC is very pleased with the performance of the DTWA Web Adhesive Spray!"



Technical Service Compliment:

"I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all your personal attention you provided for me. The board is installed and operating perfectly. My Z-Wave thermostat is talking to the network and operating the Zone 1 as planned. Zone 2 is operating properly on its own separate thermostat. The customer service that you have provided is second to none. Thanks again, and any chance I get to provide input on someone’s decision on a zone system, yours will be at the top of my list."

~Keith Piepenburg



Tech Service Expertise:

"I would like to take a minute to thank you for the excellent service I received from your employees. Louis Scarpa, Tima Hegal and Brian Pacheco, your local representative, came to do a Multi Head Pin Spotter conversion for us. Our coil line was built in 1982, so as you know it could have been a very difficult conversion. Their expertise and problem solving skills were very impressive. They all knew the equipment inside and out and the attitude they displayed while here made the conversion go smoother than I ever imagined. I have personally been in the sheet metal trade for 33 years and my maintenance man has been in the trade 31 years, all with Grant Sheet Metal. I thought that between the two of us we had a great understanding of our equipment, but I was proved wrong. They taught us quite a few things. Too many times in the world today, service like this goes unnoticed and un appreciated. My hat goes off to Duro Dyne. All three men (Brian, Louis, and Tima) are valuable assets to Duro Dyne. Again thank you."

~Brian Cherveny
Grant Sheet Metal



Your products made an impact:

"This past Saturday morning three P.E.'s from Moore Engineering, Lancaster, PA, came by to see our new facilities. They were amazed at the extent to which Dyna-Tite was used and were very impressed with it. Thanks again, for kicking in and being one of our preferred vendor/suppliers!"

~Ken Brown,
President/CEO MKT Metal Mfg Inc.




"The boys in the shop just explained to me how much they like the foot pedal option. Being able to hold pieces with both hands is easier and faster (I like faster). Everyone who has used the new pin spotter loves it! Great work Duro Dyne with the improvements over my old machine."

~Rob Evans
Precision Sheet Metal Company






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