Galvanized Remover

Winter Weather Advisory: Due to inclement weather, some truck lines are pushing back on hauling freezable products. This may cause delays in shipping due to temperatures, regardless of where you are located (the issue is where the product ships from not where it ships to).
COLD WEATHER affects CANISTER & AEROSOL ADHESIVES the most. When adhesives get cold they get thicker. This thickening has an adverse effect on the adhesive’s sprayability characteristics. Be sure to check the appropriate product submittal for freeze cycles and be sure the product is at the appropriate storage or application temperature 24 hours prior to use.


The STRIPPER - Spray Maintenance System

Galvanizing build-up is bad for job quality, production efficiency and profits. But not if The Stripper’s on hand. Special ingredients get right to work and dissolve galvanized build-up on rollers of forming machines and press dies. Then high quality lubricants take over to keep precision machines running smoothly...at peak efficiency... day in, day out.

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