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Duro Dyne markets the finest quality hand tools for the sheet metal tradesman. In addition to such tools as snips, notchers and crimpers, Duro Dyne stocks a full compliment of other tools specifically designed for the HVAC industry. Duro Dyne is constantly testing and evaluating new tools for possible addition into our already extensive hand tool line.

The DDPR-5 Rivet Gun is designed for 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" diameter rivets. It releases the pin from installed rivets using the front of the tool. This tool is made of cast aluminum with plastic handle grips for comfort.  See Parts Listing for DDPR-5

Item No. Code Description
22030 DDPR-5 Pin Riveter for 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" diameter rivets
22110 DDPR-6 Pin Riveter. To replace DDPR-5.

The DDIV-18 and DDIV-24 are heavy duty, plated steel dividers for scribing circles. They are available in two sizes for circles up to 36" or 48". Easy removable tips can be sharpened or replaced. Legs angled inward to allow the points to come very close together for small measurements and allows for a substantial working angle to a surface. The clamp holds the legs rigidly against each other without slippage when tightened.

Item No. Code Description LxW      inch x inch
818013 DDIV-24 24" Divider 24 x 1/2
818023 DDRP1R Replacement Points (pr)

The hardened replaceable tips, designed for longer life, are held in with an allen screw. The high tension locking spring, with cushioned finger grips, holds the adjustable trammel rods firmly in position.

Item No. Code Description

Min / Max Radius

818112 DTP-18 Trammel Point Tool

 2"  -  23"

The 323W Circular Steel Gauge is a heavy steel circular gauge for determining steel thickness from 0 through 36 gauge. It
is manufactured with 300 series Stainless Steel and comes with its own protective storage case.

Item No. Code Description


818015 323W Circular Gauge


The DS-31 stapler is the perfect tool to easily and quickly closed a fabric joint on a flexible duct connector.

Item No. Code Description
10065 DS-31 Rapid 31 Stapler
10059 DSP-1 Staples for "Neva Clog" staplers

The DDCR-4 Circumference Rule is produced from 301 stainless steel, .060" thick with black etched numbering and markings spaced for 1/16" scale. The circumference equivalents are shown on the face and tables on the back.

Item No. Code Description

T x W x L

818019 DDCR-4 Circumference Rule

1/16" x 1-1/4" x 4'

Stainless steel edge scribe for simple and easy marking of metal sheets. Attached magnet helps keep the tool within reach. Marks 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1".

Item No. Code Description
10015 SSES Stainless Steel Magnetic Edge Scribe


Item No. Code Description

Overall Length

10014 Duro Dyne Scratch Awl

3" shaft  5" overall length

10019 TVC Turning Vane Chisel

A handy, beige canvas waist style apron with two deep pockets that will accommodate nails, screws or a few small hand tools. Features Duro Dyne logo on one pocket and graphics of Super Saber and Pro Point screws on the other pocket.

Item No. Code Description

W x L

20003 SA-1 Shop Apron

approx. 8.5" x 19"

The DDTH-18 Steel Tinner's Hammer is only available in one convenient size; 18 ounce. This hammer is made of one piece polished solid steel with an industrial strength rubber grip fastened securely in place.

Item No. Code Description

Overall Length

838396 DDTH-18 18 oz. Tinner's Hammer


The DDHC-12 Hole Cutter can cuts holes up to a maximum diameter of 12" through light gauge aluminum metal, plastics and formica. It has an easy read scale from 2" to 12". See also the DDHC-12 Specification Sheet (PDF format)
The DDHC-12RB Replacement Bit is a three fluted cutting bit. This mill style bit is designed to cut from the side. The bit comes with the drill attachment rod and a safety cap.

Item No. Code Description

Min / Max Diameter

818116 DDHC-12 Hole Cutter

2" to 12" diameter

818118 DDHC-12RB Replacement Bit

The FKS-9 9 pc. Fold Up Key Set contains two types of wrenches: the six smaller sizes, (5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64" and
5/32") have chamfered ends, while the larger sizes, (3/16", 7/32" and 1/4") are ball points. The ball points allow angled entry up to 25°.
All hex keys are manufactured from industrial quality hardened steel. This sturdy unit is designed with a strong, but lightweight, high visibility, ergonomically designed hardened plastic case for comfort and longevity.
The BLX-12 12 pc L-Wrench Key Set is packaged in a patented Bondhex™ key case that will lock your wrenches in place. Simply slip wrenches into their individually marked slots and twist to lock securely in place. The sizes range from .050 to 5/16". The short side of the L-wrench is designed with a chamfered end while the long side has a ball point for those hard to reach places. The ball points allow entry up to 25°. All wrenches are manufactured from industrial hardened steel.

Item No. Code Description

Socket Size Inches

818100 FKS-9 9 pc Fold Up Key Set

5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4"

818102 BLX-12 12 pc L-Wrench Key Set .050 - 5/16"

The Magnetic Torpedo Level is designed for use by professionals or home craftsmen. This level has a full length, "V" groove magnet which secures and self aligns the level on pipe or conduit. It has three plastic vials for horizontal, vertical and 45°.
The horizontal vial has an additional top viewing slot. End caps protect against accidental bumps and drops.

Item No. Code Description

Overall Length

818110 DDL-9M Magnetic Torpedo Level


The WMET Metal Edge Turning Tool is an extruded high strength aluminum tool for turning flanges on 24 through 30 gauge mild steel. The new WMET tool will turn 1" and 3/8". The WMET's are lightweight and will not rust.

Item No. Code Description

Overall Length

818136 WMET-8 Metal Edge Turner  8"
818137 WMET-12 Metal Edge Turner  12"
818134 WMET-18 Metal Edge Turner  18"
818135 WMET-24 Metal Edge Turner  24"

The Mighty Mag is the Perfect Picker Upper! It is a lightweight magnetic materials handler with five pounds of holding power. It is equipped with a magnetic handle release. Designed for easy one-hand operation.

Item No. Code Description


22003 Mighty Mag

9" x 5" x 2"

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