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This Pin Rivet Setting Tool may be used for setting all size Pin Rivets (1/8, 5/32, 3/16). To use different size Pin Rivets, simply change the nozzle. Do not use larger size nozzle for smaller rivets.

1. Insert Pin Rivet mandrel into nose piece. Handles do not have to be fully open.

2. Insert loaded Rivet into hole of unit to be assembled. Rivet flange of Rivet should be assembled in order to obtain a smooth finish.

3. Squeeze handle to set Rivet.

4. If mandrel does not break on first squeeze, open handle part way, and push tool flush to Rivet. It is not necessary to open handles fully to operate tool. The special designed ratchet action allows you to take full advantage of the maximum mechanical linkage of the tool. The maximum force will be applied when the handles are one-third open. The only time that the handles need to be fully open is to eject the mandrel.

5. When mandrel has been broken and Rivet set, open handles and mandrel will 

eject through front of tool.

To Clean or Change Pawls

1. Remove Retainer Ring (R-30) and pull out Frame Pin (R-34).

2. Unscrew Pawl Nest (DR-23), remove Spreader (R-25) and Pawls (R-24).

3. Clean and reassemble Pawls, Spreader, (making sure that "V"

is against Pawls), Pawl Spring (R-26), Mandrel Ejector Spring (R-28) and Mandrel Ejector. Fit Lock Washer (R-35) on to Pawl Nest Nut (R-29) and tighten Pawl Nest.

4. Finish assembling Frame and Handle with Frame Pin and Retainer Ring and reinsert Frame Spring (R-8) if desired.

5. Before using tool, make sure Nozzle is tight in Frame.

DDPR-5 Parts Diagram

Item No. Code Description   Item No. Code Description
22009 R-24 Pawls (pair) 22018 R-30 Retainer Ring
22010 R-25 Spreader 22019 R-12 Plastic Grips (Pair)
22011 R-26 Pawl Spring 22023 R-35 Lock Washer
22012 R-27 Pin Ejector 22032 DR-21 Hex Frame
22013 R-28 Pin Ejector Spring 22033 DR-22 Hex handle
22014 R-29 Pawl Nest Nut 22034 DR-23 Hex Pawl Nest
22015 R-8 Frame Spring 22035 DR-31 1/8" Nozzle
22016 R-7 Handle Pin 22036 DR-32 5/32" Nozzle
22017 R-34 Frame Pin 22037 DR-33 3/16" Nozzle

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