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Aviation Snips - 9-1/2" Models

Shorter handles make the tool comfortable to grasp, hold and use, even in hard-to-reach places. Smaller blades fit more easily into tight spots to make those critical cuts at difficult angles. Double-cam-action construction for greater cutting power with less effort. Right hand model cuts left, left-hand model cuts right and yellow grip cuts straight and slight curves.

KJS-1 Snip

Item No. 820011, KJS 1 --  9 " right hand aviation snip with 1 " cut

KJS-2 Snip

Item No. 820021, KJS 2 --  9 " left hand aviation snip with 1 " cut

KJS-3 Snip

Item No. 820031, KJS 3 --  9 " straight cut aviation snip with 1 " cut

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