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LSU Advanced Liner Sizer
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LSU Manual

LSU Advanced Liner Sizer
LSU Advanced Liner Sizer is an enhanced version of the popular Model LS-5, making it capable of cutting cotton fiber insulations, filter media, rubberized products and other unusual materials.  The cross cut and slitter blades are mechanically gear driven to spin while cutting.  This spinning action shears the material to create precise cuts in the most difficult of substances.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
28076 LSU Advanced Liner Sizer 280 lbs


LS-5 Manual Liner Sizer
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LS-5 Liner Sizer
Manual Insulation Cutter slits fiberglass insulation to length and width. Operator feeds the insulation with a crank handle to the desired length. An adjustable slitter blade automatically cuts to desired width. The operator then pulls the crosscut blade across the machine and removes the sized insulation. For use with 1/2" to 2" Liner.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
28075 LS-5 Liner Sizer 280 lbs

PLS Automatic Liner Sizer

PLS Automatic Liner Sizer

For accurate cutting of fiberglass insulation. Electric eye controls fully automatic "run-out" and cutting of insulation. Requires 110v power; fuse for 15 amps. A source of air is required. Must specify flow direction when ordering. For use with 1/2" to 2" Liner.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
39075 PLS Automatic Liner Sizer L to R Flow 700 lbs
39251 PLS Automatic Liner Sizer R to L Flow 700 lbs

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