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Super Sprayfast Adhesive Applicator

Super Sprayfast Adhesive Applicating System.

The Super Sprayfast is replaced by Super Sprayfast Universal

The new Super Sprayfast is an air powered adhesive spray system specifically designed for use with 5 gallon or 45 gallon containers of Duro Dyne's WIT and WSA and SSG Water Based Adhesives. The Super Sprayfast incorporates an Acetal / Teflon diaphragm pump circulating system and surge tank to provide quick, easy and even spray, with minimal overspray. Requires 60-70 PSI.
The WSA and WIT links are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
5150 Super Sprayfast 5 Adhesive Applicator 5 gallon System 18 lbs
5155 Super Sprayfast 45 Adhesive Applicator 45 gallon System 28 lbs

Rollabond Discontinued

Rollabond Adhesive Applicating System

See Parts Listing for Rollabond

The Rollabond is a production engineered adhesive roller system utilizing the latest technology to help you apply adhesive quickly, easily and efficiently. The Rollabond is specifically designed for use with Duro Dyne's Fast Tacking Water Base Adhesives WIT and WSA. This system is available for 5 gallon pails or 45 gallon drums. Requires 110 volt low amperage service. No air is required.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
39042 Rollabond 5 Adhesive Application System 5 gallon 15 lbs
39043 Rollabond 45 Adhesive Application System 45 gallon 20 lbs

GBAC Adhesive Applicator

GBAC Adhesive Application System

The GBAC applies Duro Dyne's WIT or WSA Water Base Adhesive to insulation in preparation for application to sheet metal. Requires 110 volt; fuse for 15 amps. A source of air is required.
Please specify flow direction when ordering.

Item # Code Description Approx. Weight
39171 GBAC Adhesive Applicator L to R Flow 700 lbs
39250 GBAC  Adhesive Applicator R to L Flow 700 lbs

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