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SSP (Self Sealing Pins) hold the duct liner in place and seal the hole. Heat activated gold adhesive on the underside of the washer secures the pin to the liner facing during the welding process!

SSP Gold Seal Pins (Self Sealing)  SSP Gold Seal Pin Pin: .130" Diameter
Washer: Diameter - 1.0"
Thickness - .015" - .017"
Acrylic PSA
Do not store at or above 110 degrees F or pins may stick together.

Bulk Pack Only  

Approximate Pin Length

Item # Code Before Weld After Weld Use

Quantity per Box

26297 SSPB-12 .49 .365 1/2" insulation 5M
26294 SSPB-34 .656 .531 1" 1-2 density 5M
26295 SSPB-100 .906 .781 1" 2-3 density 5M
26296 SSPB-200 1.906 1.781 2" insulation 3M

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