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KV12 Bracket Assembly with CL12

Item No. 30361  KV12 Bracket Assembly

The KV12 Bracket assembly enhances the Dyna-Tite suspension system by the
addition of an integral bracket, which fastens the cable lock to the duct with
sheet metal screws.  Once the KV assembly bracket is attached to the duct,
the wire rope "drop" is passed into the entry hole at the top of the bracket,
through the cable lock, and out the exit hole at the bottom.  The locking
teeth inside the cable lock engage the wire rope and secure the ductwork
in place.  The KV12 Bracket assembly and the CL12 have a working load
limit of up to 150 lbs, depending upon the wire rope utilized.


CCC1 Custom Cable Counter

Item No. 30390  CCC1 Custom Cable Counter

  • 5 Digit Counter
  • Push Button Reset
  • Designed for use with Duro Dyne Wire Rope
  • Fits most 5 gallon buckets
  • Lightweight

      Custom Cable Counter Brochure (PDF)


When cutting wire cable it is important to use a recognized wire rope cable cutter such as the Duro Dyne 0690TN Cable Cutter detailed below. This will ensure that the form of the rope is maintained prior to insertion in the Dyna-Tite.


0690TN Cable Cutter for Dyna-Tite

Item No. 894075  0690TN Cable Cutter

  • Safety Catch
  • 3/16" Cutting Capacity
  • Spring Loaded For Ease Of Use
  • 5" Long Handles for High Leverage
  • Hardened Steel Blades for Durability
  • Vinyl Coated Handles for Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

DDG3W Eye Bolt and Nut for Dyna-Tite

Item No. 30220 DDG3W Eye Bolt and Nut (100 per Box)

  • Zinc Plated Low Carbon Steel
  • 3/8"-16 x 2-1/2"
  • 1-1/2" Thread length
  • Working Load Limit: 144 lbs

DCS25 Cable Saddle

Item No. 30221 DCS25 Cable Saddle (25ft per Roll)

Dyna-Tite Cable Saddle is used to protect spiral or rectangular ductwork from
the abrasions of cable.  The flexible saddle material is available in 25 foot rolls
and is dispensed through an opening in the carton.  The smooth lightweight
construction provides easy use on the job site and allows for the saddle to be readily cut to length and positioned between the wire rope and the duct.


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