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Dyn-O-Wrap Dispenser. Click to view larger size

Dyn-O-Wrap Dispenser

Dyn-O-Mate's Dyn-O-Wrap Dispenser is the perfect solution for dispensing and storing different sizes of Dyn-O-Wrap.  Simply mount the dispenser to  a wall or clamp it to a work bench and slide on the roll of Dyn-O-Wrap.  Every variation and size is neatly stored in one place.  A simple movement of the storage carousel makes each roll readily accessible and allows for easy application.

Step 1 Adjust The Wheel

Step 2 Pull the Dyn-O-Wrap

Step 3 Cut the Dyn-O-Wrap

Select the correct size and type of Dyn-O-Wrap by pulling the selector pin and rotating the storage carousel until the preferred Dyn-O-Wrap is in position and then releasing the selector pin to lock the carousel in place.

        Pull the Dyn-O-Wrap from the dispenser
        with the ductwork in position.

Cut Dyn-O-Wrap along the cutting edge.

Step 4 Dyn-O-Wrap adheres to the duct.

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           The self-adhesive film adheres easily to
           the duct.


Item # Code Description

Weight Lbs

43006 DWD1 Dyn-O-Wrap Dispenser



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