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Item No. 35191 DT-3 Programmable Thermostat

Item #35190 DT-4 Non-Programmable Thermostat battery operated, digital thermostat for use on all zones with the SMZ-SW panels and
the RED-4 panel.

Item #35192 DT-AC Auto changeover Thermostat
1F81-71 programmable, electronic, digital Automatic Changeover Multi-Stage Thermostat for use with the SMZ-AC-SW panel.

Item No. 35198 DT-705 Digital Set Back Thermostat Item #35198 DT-705 Digital Set Back Thermostat  battery operated programmable, digital  set back thermostat complete with a 4 square inch display with blue back light for use with the SMZ-SW & RED-4 panel. Replaces Item # 35191.

DuroZone Thermostats Recommended for the JTZ-HP Panel

Item No. 35161 DT-7 Digital Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat Item #35161 DT-7 24 Volt AC Digital Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat
that can be used in all zones. For the RED-4 panel, the DT-5 can be used on zone 1 only, when the system includes a heat pump.

Our Thermostats and the RED-4 Panel

All the thermostats we recommend for use with our zoning panels are compatible with the new RED-4 panel; however, it is important to note that if zoning a Heat Pump System, a Heat Pump Thermostat is installed on Zone 1 only and regular Heat/Cool Thermostats (not Heat Pump Thermostats) must be used on each additional zone.

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