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SMZ-2SW, 3SW or 4SW
2 to 4 Zones System, Electric, Gas or Oil Furnace,
With / Without Cooling Unit,
Manual Change-Over System, (No Heat Pump).

Panel Selection 2 Zones - SMZ-2SW Item #35226
3 Zones - SMZ-3SW Item #35227
4 Zones - SMZ-4SW Item #35228


2 to 4 Zones
SMZ-2 to 4SW Complete System Example
Qty. Description
1 / Zone Thermostat, (see chart below)
1 Pressure relief damper
1 / Zone Zone damper
1 PT-40 Transformer, (4 DuroZone zone dampers maximum)


DuroZone Thermostats for SMZ-2SW, SMZ-3SW and SMZ-4SW.

Zones Digital Digital Set Back
Zone - 1 DT-4 #35190
Digital, Non
DT-705 #35198

Secondary Zones
One Thermostat
Per Zone

DT-4 #35190
Digital, Non
DT-705 #35198

ZONE DAMPERS The DuroZone RD, MS and MB series are recommended.
TRANSFORMER Model PT-40 Item #35054, can supply a maximum of four DuroZone zone dampers.
Typical Wiring Diagrams for DuroZone SMZ-2SW, SMZ-3SW and SMZ-4SW

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