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PMB Power Open Power Closed (OBD) Damper

PMB Power Open / Power Closed (OBD) Damper

PMB Damper

 The DuroZone Multi-Blade damper for residential and light commercial zoning systems has been engineered to include many features. Ribbed, hat style frame for strength and extruded from lightweight aluminum, the sleek frame profile provides maximum strength without excessive reduction of free area inside the ductwork. The extruded aluminum blades are mounted with friction minimizing sealed nylon bushings to provide easy transition between opening and closing. The DuroZone Power Open/Power Closed Opposed Blade (OBD) Multi-Blade Dampers also feature blades designed to remain within the damper frame for easy insertion and an external heavy gauge side-mounted linkage for smooth and quiet operation.

The replacement motor for PMB is #35136 RM-PMB 45 Degree Replacement Motor

35136 RM-PMB Motor Replacement Instruction Sheet

PMB Damper Diagram

To use the PMB Damper Selection chart below:

  1. For the PMB Damper, consider the motor on the width side. (B)
  2. Determine the Dimensions, height (A) and width (B) you need, and find the appropriate intersection in the following chart.
  3. This intersection gives you the item number for ordering PMB Dampers.
  4. When ordering PMB Dampers, give the item # and the A Dimension first, then B Dimension ie: 37245  PMB 16 x 8.
PMB Literature Sheet

PMB Installation Instruction Sheet

PMB Submittal Form

PMB Size Selection Chart

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