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The AQC-1 and Spring-Return Damper

CONSTANT ENERGY CONSERVATION emphasis and local building code changes over the past several years have resulted in efforts to make buildings and homes more weather tight and draft free. While these efforts have been successful, eliminating outside air leakage has created another potential problem; air quality of the interior atmosphere.

Many provincial and local governments have become concerned that the relatively stagnant indoor air is showing increasing levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Many provinces have required periodic introduction of outdoor air into the indoor environment. The Dyna-Fresh Air Quality Control Center coupled with a model NSPRD024 or SPRD110 Spring-Return Damper was designed for this purpose.

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  1. Fresh air is drawn in from the outside and mixed with return air to be distributed by the air handling equipment.
  2. The Dyna-Fresh AQC Control Panel coordinates the blower, exhaust fan and damper to introduce fresh air and remove stale air at user selectable 15 minute intervals.
  3. Stale air is exhausted by the independent exhaust fan.


The Dyna-Fresh AQC has a programmable (in 15 minute intervals) 24 hour timer which is wired to control a DuroZone Spring-Return Damper (110 volt or 24 volt), an exhaust fan, and the air handler fan. Once the timer has been programmed, a call from the Dyna-Fresh AQC for fresh air will:

Dyna-Fresh AQC Air Quality Control Center

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