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  • The first "Green" connector fabric
  • For ductwork incorporating UV lights
  • Manufactured with a black side and a white side
  • Qualifies to be used in "Green" building projects

Capitalizing on over 50 years of expertise in the HVAC industry, Duro Dyne strives to provide "Sweet Solutions" that address the changing needs of customers in our revolving industry.  One area that Duro Dyne has been exploring was resource conservation through the use of recycled materials.  Late in 2004, the need for this research was underscored by the US Green Building Council endorsement of the 2005 AHR Expo.  Its exhibit during the show helped to stress the growing importance of manufacturing environmentally conscious products.

Consequently, as the leading manufacturer of Flexible Duct Connector, Duro Dyne is proud to announce the first "Green" connector fabric for flexible duct connector.  Envirofab, is manufactured by re-processing discarded or re-claimed materials.  As an additional benefit Envirofab is manufactured with a black side and a white side.  When installed indoors, on ductwork incorporating UV lights for IAQ, the white side will reflect the UV rays back into the airstream to enhance the sterilization process.  The black side will maintain the clean look of the connection from the outside.

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ENVIROFAB helps to preserve natural resources; thus making it "Green".  By using recycled material, Envirofab will qualify to be used in "Green" building projects .


Basic Fabric: Polyester Temperature Range: -40 to 93C (-40 to 200F)
Color Coating: Vinyl Black/White Mass (Weight):

610 g/m2  18 oz/yd2

Tensile Strength: 889x845N (200 x 190 lbs) Tear Resistance: 60 x 80 lbs
"Green", white side UV reflective, puncture resistant UL Listed                                 Meets NFPA 701, 90A, 90B

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