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Flexible Duct Connector

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Metal Fab meets the requirements of most commercial and industrial applications, allowing for absorption of normal equipment-created vibration and preventing it from being transmitted through the duct system. Also available with Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

 Gauge: 24
 Dimensions: 3" metal 3" fabric 3" metal
 Fabrics: Neoprene, Durolon, Canflex, Thermafab

For heavy Commercial Systems
3" metal - 3" fabric - 3" metal
Grip Loc"GRIP LOC"

Super Metal Fab

Super Metal Fab provides additional fabric width for use with larger equipment and ducts where more than 3" deflection is likely to occur.

 Gauge: 24
 Dimensions: 3" metal 6" fabric 3" metal
 Fabrics: Neoprene, Durolon, Thermafab.
For special Commercial Systems
(where wide fabric is specified)
3" metal - 6" fabric - 3" metal

TDC/TDF Connector

TDC/TDF Connector is specially manufactured for use by shops producing duct with Lockformer TDC or Engel TDF flange-forming machines.

 Gauge: 24
 Dimensions: 4" metal 4" fabric 4" metal
 Fabrics: Neoprene, Durolon, Black Excelon, Teflon
For use with TDC or TDF Machines
4" metal - 4" fabric - 4" metal

Commercial Applications

Guard Loc"GUARD LOC"

Econo Fab
Gauge 28
Dimensions: 3" metal 3" fabric
3" metal
Fabrics: Neoprene, Light Canflex, Thermafab
Grip Loc Seam

Flexible Duct Connector

Junior Connector
Gauge 28
Dimensions: 1-3/4" metal  3" fabric 1-3/4" metal
Fabrics: Canflex, Durolon, Thermafab, Neoprene
Guard Loc Seam

Flexible Duct Connector

FABRIC QUICK COMPARISON CHART Click Fabric name below to link to Fabric Specification Sheets.

Fabric Descriptions

Mass Thickness Tensile Strength Burst
Temp. Range
NEOPRENE - industry standard for high velocity systems. A Fiberglass fabric, double coated with polychloroprene.  Strong, airtight, waterproof and moisture resistant. Resistant to most acids, alkalis, oil and gasoline. 1017 g/m2
(30 oz/sq.yd)
0,68 mm
(450x350 lbs)
4137 kPa
(600 psi)
-40°C to 93°C
(-40F to 200F)
DUROLON - convenient for inside and outside flexible connector, for medium or high velocity applications, industrial and commercial applications.  Durolon is made of Fiberglass fabric double coated with a special synthetic rubber.  Has broad service temperature range and resists sunlight, weathering, ozone and abrasion. Ideal for outdoor applications. 814 g/m2
(24 oz/sq.yd)  
0,61 mm
(450x400 lbs)
3450 kPa
(500+ psi)
-40°C to 121°C
(-40F to 250F)
CANFLEX - general purpose H.V.A.C. material. Replaces Canvas.  A polyvinyl chloride, (P.V.C.), coated woven polyester fabric with properties surpassing canvas at comparable cost. Considering it's great microbiologic resistance, sunlight and ozone, canflex is well indicated in humid, outside or underground areas.  750 g/m2
(22 oz/sq.yd)
0,66 mm
(290x290 lbs)
2100+ kPa
(300+ psi)
-35°C to 95°C
(-30F to 200F)
THERMAFAB - for higher temperature use, (to 260°C), or with a high risk of fire. A special Fiberglass fabric coated with silicone rubber. Broad temperature range and superior resistance to weathering, aging, sunlight and many chemicals. 576 g/m2
(17 oz/sq.yd)
0,50 mm
200x150 lbs
1100 kPa
(160 psi)
-54°C to 260°C
(-65F to 500F)

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