Scenes from AHR Expo 2017

On January 30, 2017, at the AHR Expo, Duro Dyne auctioned off a Pink Edition RH Mach III Pinspotter to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. At the end of the DDPink Project, the compilation of three machine auctions, numerous employee contributions, donation boxes in the booth, hashtag posts, and generous donations from supporters in the HVAC community brought a total of approx $63,000 raised for the BCRF.



On top of the overwhelming support of the DD Pink project, many new machines caught interest and gathered crowds in our booth, including two patent pending products that were never before released, the FPP4 and the Vane Cutter. Please see the videos below for live demos that were performed in the booth.


FPP4- Patent Pending Prototype



Vane Cutter – Patent Pending Prototype



CCD110 Capacitor Discharge Welder
The CCD110 is powered by a 110 volt power source so it is ideal for smaller shops and light industrial applications. It will weld pins from ½’’ to 4’’ long onto steel from 26 to 20 gauge. Its portability and also features a stud capacity of up to 1/4” steel and stainless steel for enhanced versatility.



Rod Loc Insertion Machine
The Rod-Loc Insertion Machine offers contractors a fast and convenient way to set up rod locks and conduit. It runs off of a standard 110 volt outlet and a 70 PSI minimum air supply. Simply place either 3/4’’ or 1/2’’ conduit in the cradle and a rod loc on each side, and by the flip of a switch the air cylinder inserts a rod lock on both ends simultaneously of hollow conduit at the perfect inset spacing, eliminating the old timely hammer in method! Footswitch accessory also available.



The first high bid and winner of one of the RH Mach III Pink Edition Pinspotters was Conditioned Air Systems from Gainesville, GA. President & CEO Doug Magnus saw the Pink Edition RH on the back cover of Snip’s Magazine and visited the Duro Dyne booth day #1 of the show to place the bid in honor of his wife who is a 10 year breast cancer free survivor.


Mario Cavallone, long time Duro Dyne customer, was winner of the second RH Mach III Pinspotter and placed his bid at the AHR Expo hospitality event on Monday evening.

(L-R) Michael Peluso, David Krupnick, Mario Cavallone of Airside Sheet Metal in New Jersey, CEO Randy Hinden, President Pat Rossetto and Eric Johannesen.


The third machinery winner was Air Tech in Texas who won the smaller of the three machines, the compact MF12A Pinspotter.



Anniversary Extravaganza!

Duro Dyne hosted a DDPink event exclusive for customers at the Stack Restaurant in the Mirage Hotel. Entertainment by a live band, delicious food, dancing, and great company was had by all at this 65th anniversary extravanganza. There were 250 attendees and an overwhelming support for the DD Pink Project, making this Duro Dyne event the largest in the company’s 65 year history. We thank all who helped us celebrate and look forward to seeing you next year.







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