• $28,343 was raised for the Wounded Warrior Project!

    Thank You and Congratulation to our generous auction winners, please scroll down to see who won the Duro Dyne Special Edition Wounded Warrior Machinery!


    Scenes from AHR Expo 2018

    Duro Dyne is proud to support The Wounded Warriors Project and hopes to increase awareness in the HVAC Industry of this organization and its great cause.


    On top of the incredible support of the DD Warrior project, many new machines caught interest and gathered crowds in our booth including the BAW4 Welder Prototype, PBF510-x2 and Air Gun Tools. Please see the videos below for live demos that were performed in the booth.


    BAW4 Welder Prototype



    Air Gun Tools



    ASVC2 Vane Cutter


    The ASVC2 Hollow Vane Cutter is a pneumatically powered cutting mechanism that offers a convenient and safe way to cut 2 in double wall vane. The high cutting force of a single stepped blade rolls the inside edges of the hollow turning vane during cutting. The rolled inside edges provide a more secure and smoother fit when the hollow turning vane is fastened to rail. The elimination of the burrs from tradition chop saws also increases safety in assembly.

    The ASV2 has a small footprint yet allows for large lengths of up to 10 ft vane to be cut. It uses a 110 volt power source and a 70 PSI air input so it is easily placed anywhere in a shop.


    Warrior Wall


    The Warrior Wall in the Duro Dyne Booth at the AHR Expo was a collection of names of all of the heros to Duro Dyne that have served or are serving that have some connection to the Duro Dyne Corporation. Names included employees, friends, family, and customers. We were proud to even have one of the warriors listed on our wall also staffing our booth, Duro Dyne's own Louis Scarpa who served in the Navy for over 5 years. We Thank You Louis for your service!


    Machinery Auction Winners

    Thank you to everyone who placed a bid in our Wounded Warrior Edition Machinery auction! All proceeds are going direct to the Wounded Warrior Project. The winners are as follows:


    FPP4/MF12A Combo winners:

    Winner #1 with a Bid of: $7,969.24
    Paul Seufer - US Army Veteran of NB Handy

    Winner #2 with a Bid of: $7,500.00
    Dan Miller of Wenzel HVAC

    (l-r) Territory Manager Dennis Forster, Tim Mulrennan from Ace Supply, Mark Leach and Dan Miller from Wenzel Heating and Air


    PBF510 winners:

    Winner #1 with a Bid of: $4,500.00
    Marcia Boger / John Boger of Complete Curb Products

    Winner #2 with a Bid of: $4,250.00
    Richard Gareis of CDI


    FDC-AB3 winners:

    Winner #1 with a Bid of: $2,100.00
    Joe Reitano of HWEISS

    Winner #2 with a Bid of: $2,000.00
    Roy Jensen of MechOne


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