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TBW Spotwelder

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Serial#: 40994

Part#: 9202-RM-0816
Warranty for: 90 days

Spotwelders from Duro Dyne offer an efficient and cost effective solution to welding. Incorporated into each unit is a light weight solid state timer which ensures consistent welds by eliminating the need for operator judgement. Completely portable, the unit can be easily moved. Operation is simple; a lever handle is depressed, as the handle moves downward the welding tips close against the material to be welded. Upon closure the lever handle contacts a “microswitch.” A timed burst of current far in excess of 1000 amperes passes through the metal, heating it to its melting point. Under constant pressure from the arms, the metal fuses together. In most cases, the complete welding process takes a fraction of a second.

Electrical Requirements: 220 VAC IN, 60 HZ, 15 Amps circuit protection

For best result, the end user should always keep the copper welding tips clean at all times.

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