●   Full production capacity from ½ inch pins on light gauge material all the way up to 10 foot sheets of 16 gauge material pinned with 2 inch pins at 6 inch centers at 50 feet per minute.
●   Newly designed pin feed system accommodating ½ inch to 2-1/8 inch pins with no change of bowls required.
●   Open Air design that allows operator a full view of material as it passes through the line.
●   Ambidextrous Control Console with Umbilical cord allows operation from either side of fabrication line, to accommodate L to R and R to L work flow.
●   Available in both 5 head and 6 head versions for 5 and 6 foot wide lines.
●   Non-slip belts & magnetic hold downs to insure positive ground and stability during the weld cycle.
●   Fold up gantry to allow easy replenishment of pins.
●   Monitor pin level from the floor with the high mount mirror system.

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HSMH Owner's Manual >



The new HSMH running at 56 ft per minute on a Vicon line at Delta Sheet Metal in NY!



The MH507 Multihead represents the finest production-line Pinspotter available today. The carriage design eliminates the need for stopping the material for installation of fasteners. Combined with welded clip pins; the carriage ensures a quality product at production speeds of up to 25 ft per minute. The solid state components, proven on thousands of machines, are centrally located to make preventive maintenance easy. All components are easily reached through simple access panels.

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Duro Dyne’s MF has been the standard for entry level “through insulation” welders for over 30 years. Proven performance and high reliability have made the MF a “Must Have” for any sheet metal shop which does occasional insulating.

Duro Dyne now introduces the MF-12A, building on that history, and creating a new pinspotter with greater power and versatility. Special design welding transformers allow the MF12A to deliver more power, precisely timed to the welding tip. The MF-12A will weld pins from ½ inch to 4 inches long on steel from 26 to 20 gauge. Proven solid-state weld control circuitry guarantees years of reliable, troublefree service in your shop.

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The latest breakthrough from the innovators of insulation fastening is the FPP4, a pinspotter platform that enhances the capabilities of a compact pinspotter. The FPP4 works in conjunction with the Duro Dyne MF12A/MF12 compact pinspotter (sold separately) to allow it to be utilized as both a hand held pinspotter and a fixed head pinspotter. This provides the customer with greater capabilities at a lower cost. The FPP4 requires 110 volts and 80 PSI in addition to the power required by the MF12A (208-230 VAC single phase with 60 amp circuit protection). Please note the FPP4 will not work if not powered by an MF Pinspotter.

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FPP4 Manual >

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The CCD110, Capacitor Discharge Welder, is designed for the convenience and comfort of the operator. It is powered by a 110 volt power source so it is ideal for smaller shops and light industrial applications. It will weld pins from ½” to 4” long onto steel from 26 to 20 gauge. Its portability on the job, enhanced by its adjustable shoulder strap, makes the CCD110 a smart choice for insulation applications. The CCD110 also features a stud capacity of up to ¼” steel and stainless steel for enhanced versatility.

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CCD110 Owner's Manual >

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The PBF520 welds BDEP, CTC, SSP, CP, FTC, PN or LN type fasteners to ductwork from 26 to 16 gauge. Will accommodate pins up to 4".

Input voltage: 208-230 V 60 HZ single phase.

100 amp service.

Place a pin on the magnetic tip, insert the pin through the insulation, give the pin a 1/4 twist and depress the trigger switch. For LN type fasteners use a TPL2 tip. For PN type fasteners use a TP2 tip.

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Roller feed tables enable work to be easily positioned by the operator; in many cases with just one hand. Productivity is increased and worker fatigue minimized.

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The FG Mach III Pinspotter was designed utilizing the best of current technologies to provide greater power and reliability for insulation fastening. The inherent minimal material handling and the use of welded pins will insure your shop a cost efficient, quality product. Our upgraded FG Mach III machine is capable of welding pins up to 4” to address the higher R-value insulation now being specified throughout the industry.

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RH MACH III welds BDEP, CTC, SSP, CP & FTC type fasteners to ductwork up to 18 gauge. It requires 220v, 50 to 60hz service, fused for 100 amps. A source of 85 psi air is required. Position a fastener over the insulation and depress the trigger switch. The machine inserts the fastener through the insulation and welds it to the steel.

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An optional machinery lift kit is also available for a custom ergonomic work space. Multi-Height Pinspotter Lift Kit will allow for height increase of 4” or 6”.

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