Insulation Cutters

For use with 1/2'' to 2'' liner

The PLSU2 is the latest in Automatic Liner Sizer cutters for the HVAC Industry. The gear driven slitter and a pulley driven cross cut blade create a powerhouse to tackle all specialty insulations. This new cutting action will allow the PLSU2 to accommodate virtually all insulation types on the market including closed cell products, cotton fiber, Neoprene, Elastomeric Foam & more.

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For use with 1/2'' to 2'' liner

The LSU Advanced Liner Sizer will help size and cut duct liner more efficiently than ever thought possible with a hand operated machine. It's enhanced features, make it possible to cut cotton fiber insulations, filter media, rubberized products and other unusual materials. The cross cut and slitter blades are mechanically gear driven to spin while cutting. This spinning action shears the material to create precise cuts in the most difficult of substances.

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