Adhesive Applicators

For use with WSA and WIT Adhesives

The GBAC applies Duro Dyne WIT or WSA water base adhesive to insulation in preparation for application to sheet metal. It requires 110v service fused for 15 amps. A source of air is required. Specify the direction of work flow when ordering.

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The Super Sprayfast is an air powered adhesive spray system designed for use with 5 gallon or 55 gallon containers of Duro Dyne water based adhesives.The Super Sprayfast incorporates an Acetal / Teflon diaphragm pump, circulating system and surge tank. It requires 60-70 PSI

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Mini Sprayfast

Application System for applying Duro Dyne water based adhesives. Product Features : A compact and lightweight (9 lbs.), yet versatile spray system incorporating a self priming pump. It is able to work with all size containers of water based adhesives quickly, easily and with minimal overspray.

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