The DuroZone Multi-Blade dampers for residential zoning systems have been engineered to include many features. The heavy neoprene blend on top and bottom ensures a tight rattle free seal and they are ribbed for strength and extruded from lightweight aluminum. The sleek frame profile provides maximum strength without excessive reduction of free area inside the ductwork. The extruded aluminum blades are mounted with friction minimizing nylon bushings to provide easy transition between opening and closing. The DuroZone Multi-Blade Dampers also feature damper blades designed to remain within the damper frame for easy insertion and an external side-mounted linkage for smooth and quiet operation. These Multi-Blade dampers are available with an Opposed Blade design and a Power Open/Power Closed motor (PMB Series) or a Parallel Blade design and a 24-volt spring return “Mid-Torque” motor (MMB Series). High Torque Motors are also available (SMB Series)

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DuroZone round dampers are made of galvanized steel with reinforcing beads for maximum durability and are crimped on one end for easy installation. Round dampers are available with different motor options: Power Open/Power Close, Mid Torque Spring Open/Power Close and High Torque Spring Open/Power Close. The single blade design insures smooth operation and efficient sealing for maximum control of air flow. The round housing is suitable for use with flexible ducting or round sheet metal duct.

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Pressure Relief Dampers

Available in Rectangular and Round

DuroZone Pressure Relief Dampers are used to relieve excess air pressure created when less than all the zones of a duct system are calling. They do this in a simple and reliable fashion based on barometric/static pressure in the duct system. When pressure builds up in the duct system due to satisfied zones, the pressure opens the damper blade and “bypasses” to an unconditioned area or back to the return air duct. The pressure relief damper closes when the system is off or when all the zones are calling. DuroZone Pressure Relief Dampers are available in both rectangular and round configurations.

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