Specialty Brackets

Rapit Duct Support Hanger
The Rapit Duct Support Hanger from Duro Dyne is manufactured with a durable body design in 26/28 gauge steel to support a high load rating. The precise angles create a smooth telescoping action. Telescoping allows for widths of 11-19'' or 18 to 33'' in tabbed and pointed styles. All Rapid Duct Support Hangers feature a pre-drilled mounting hole to immobilize the telescoping and secure the bracket to duct.

The Rapit 'Point' Duct Support style features an integral 18 gauge self-nailing tip that is an integral part of the bracket, not spot welded on. It penetrates dense wood easily.
The Rapit 'Tabbed' style is offered with or without a captive screw.

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KV Bracket Assembly

The KV bracket assembly enhances the Dyna-Tite suspension system by the addition of an integral bracket, which fastens the cable lock to the duct with sheet metal screws. once the KV assembly bracket is attached to the duct, the wire rope “drop” is passed into the entry hole at the top of the bracket, through the cable lock, and out the exit hole at the bottom. The locking teeth inside the cable lock engage the wire rope and secure the ductwork in place. The KV12 Bracket assembly and the CL12-WC3 have a working load limit of 150 lbs. The KV Bracket is also available in kits with Looped Cable.

*The KV Bracket must be hung at a 90 degree angle to the suspension point.

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Wire Rope Load at 5:1 Safety Factor
25-150 lbs. (12-68 kg)
For use with WC3-CL12 wire rope ONLY.

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Multi-Duct 'L' Bracket
The L Bracket from Duro Dyne is a versatile tool for use in hanging ductwork in residential applications. This sturdy 18 Gauge bracket easily screws in ductwork and ceiling anchors to provide quick attachment points.

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