Duct Wrap and Wire Mesh


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▪Dyn-O-Wrap is a self-adhesive film which can protect uninstalled duct sections from the intrusion of contaminates.

• 40% thicker than most other duct wrapping films
• Durable and puncture resistant
• Self-adhesive inner surface
• Excellent adhesion to ductwork
• Easily removable without leaving residue
• Fully Recyclable
• Tinted blue for high visibility

Available in 24'', 36'' and 48'' rolls. Styles include regular, puncture resistant wrap and reverse puncture resistant wrap.

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Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh from Duro Dyne is ideal for protecting your ductwork from rodents, animals and large debris. The Welded Galvanized version that Duro Dyne offers features a highly resistant coating that resists rust and the mesh is bonded together at the joints creating a strong rigid material. It is also a versatile product that can be used in many commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Welded Galvanized Wire Mesh from Duro Dyne is offered in 1/2” mesh in 16 and 19 gauge; it is also offered in 1/4” mesh in 23 gauge. Wire Mesh is also available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum. All Duro Dyne Wire Mesh is packaged as a roll of 100ft length.

▪ Rust Resistant Coating
• Welded Galvanized for a strong rigid material
• Bonded Joints to ensure strength

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