Vane & Rail

Hollow Turning Vane and Vane Rail are designed to redirect the air through elbows and tees in the ductwork without significant loss of air pressure. Assembled Vane & Rail minimizes turbulence in the ductwork
▪ The Vane Rail has self aligning tabs for easy vane installation.
▪ 2in. Turning Vane are manufactured from 26-gauge galvanized steel.
▪ 4in. Turning Vane are manufactured from 24-gauge galvanized steel.
▪ 2in. and 4in. Vane Rail are manufactured from 24 or 22-gauge galvanized steel.

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Smacna Standards for Vane and Rail

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Vane Dimpler
• Replaces tack welding, chiseling, or other awkward and time consuming methods.
• The Vane Dimpler can be used on the vane before or after placement on the rail. Either way, its locked tight!
• No other tools or welding equipment necessary.

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Vane Cutter
The ASVC2 2” Hollow Vane Cutter is a pneumatically powered cutting mechanism that offers a convenient and safe way to cut 2’’ double wall vane. The ASVC2 has a small footprint yet allows for large lengths of up to 10 ft vane to be cut. It uses a 110 volt power source and a 70 PSI air input so it is easily placed anywhere in a shop.

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