DOM-CLT Cleats

▪ DOM-CLT and DOM-PCLT for use with DOMJ & DOMH 20 gauge flanges for airtight duct connections.
▪ DOM-CLT and TDF-CLT are manufactured from 20 gauge galvanized steel 6” pieces.
▪ DOM-PCLT AND TDF-PCLT are extruded .070” PVC and designed for breakaway connection needs.
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TDC and TDF Cleats

▪ TDF-CLT is used with TDF connection.
▪ TDC-CLT is used with TDC connection.
▪ TDC/TDF-2230 is 22 gauge steel formed into lengths of 30” long and divided into five 6” cleats that are partially cut through allowing them to be easily separated into 6” pieces.

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Quad Cleat

▪Compatible with Dyn-O-Mate™ J, Ductmate™ 35, CL Ward™ J, Ward Industries™ J, Hardcast™ flanges, TDC, TDF and TDX Connections.
▪ Manufactured from 22 gauge galvanized steel

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