Rapit® Damper Regulator


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The RAPIT is an inexpensive, rattle-free regulator for quick installation on balance or splitter dampers. It is formed from rust-resistant, heavy gauge, galvanized steel and installs in seconds. The Rapit will penetrate and secure to round or rectangular damper blades up to 24 gauge steel. It has a fully retractable bearing of zinc alloy, threaded to accept a 5/16-18 wing nut and a handle that indicates the damper position. It’s as easy to use as 1-2-3.

1. Slip the bearing over the edge of the damper at the bearing line.
2. Lay the assembly on any firm surface and rap the prong with a hammer. One blow drives the prong through the damper blade, holding it securely to the damper.
3. When hit with a hammer, the prong will automatically form up tight by the anvil, which is built into the bottom of the “Rapit” Bearing.


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Slide Rapit Extension

The Slide Rapit Extension provides a fast method for extending the length of a rapit spring end bearing. There is no need for tools; just twist the extension fork over the threaded bearing and slip the sleeve over the joint. Other Rapit extensions require the use of multiple parts such as set screws and conduit. By eliminating the cumbersome parts, the ‘all in one’ function of the Slide Rapit Extension reduces labor time and makes installation virtually effortless.

▪ Easy Slide on application
▪ Reduced installation time
▪ Extends end bearing 2’’

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Rapit Extension

Creates a 2-3/4'' extension when using a standard RB50 Rapid End Bearing. For use with 1/4'' square reguators.



Econo-Stud - Economy Damper Hardware

Economy Damper Hardware
1/4'' Econo-Stud
1/4-20 Stamped Wing Nut
1/4" Washer with Neoprene






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