Jiffy Dampers

HDJD- Heavy Duty Jiffy Damper

Balancing dampers for ductwork are critical to achieving effective system operation. While fairly simple in design, dampers often require labor that could be better utilized elsewhere. The Duro Dyne HDJD damper is an economical alternative to in shop damper fabrication. HDJD Dampers are available assembled and unassembled.


• 22 gauge galvanized steel blades
• High strength corrosion resistant rod
• Pre-assembled - no need for U bolts, rod clips,
paddle bearings, rivets or welding
• 3/8’’ square rod extends 3 inches beyond the blade to accommodate up to 2 inch insulation wrap
• Compatible with Duro Dyne’s ESO damper regulator assembly for quick installation on insulated duct
• New & improved design! - Dimples hold rod securely in place, while still allowing adjustment during damper assembly
• Available in sizes from 4 inch to 24 inch diameter

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JDS Jiffy Dampers

The “JDS” Series Jiffy Damper offers the contractor a quality round damper at a cost lower than most shop-made dampers. The Duro Dyne JDS series utilizes quality Rapit Spring and Solid End Bearing sets. (Packed 10 per carton only)



JD Jiffy Dampers

The “JD” Series Jiffy Damper offers added economy in those applications where a supporting solid tail bearing is not required on the damper. The Duro Dyne JD Damper utilizes one Rapit Spring End Bearing. (Packed 10 per carton only.)



QJDE Jiffy Dampers

The “QJDE” Series Jiffy Damper offers an inexpensive alternative for low pressure applications. The Duro Dyne Economy Damper utilizes one threaded stud as a support bearing. Available with handle or without. (Packed 100 per carton only.)



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