Access Doors

Standard Access Doors

Rugged Quality Construction Designed For Fast Secure Installation Without Using Tools!

The IAD Door has been designed to create an airtight seal utilizing a moisture, oil and grease resistant neoprene gasketing between the door to the frame and the frame to the duct. The door panel is constructed out of 24 gauge galvanized steel and filled with a 1” 1-1/2 lb. fiberglass insulation (K factor .26+.03@75°F). The frame is 24 gauge galvanized steel with punched steel tabs along each side, which locks the frame into the ductwork. Smaller frame corner tabs make installation easy. Double camlock latches are used on doors 14” and larger. 12” and smaller have one camlock. Special models and sizes can be fabricated with multiple walls of steel or see-through panels or Cam-Lock only style.

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Yellow Label Insulated Access Doors

The YIAD Access Door is similar in specifications to the standard Insulated Access Door but is manufactured by industrial workers in the sheet metal union.

▪ Conforms to ASTM-A-591
▪ Cam Only Doors above 14’’utilize double cams
▪ Filled with 1’’ 1-1/2 lb, fiberglass insulation
▪ Square tabs for easier & safer installation
▪ Door to frame neoprene gasket
▪ 24 gauge galvanized steel
▪ Available in stainless steel and aluminum. Call for pricing and lead time.

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Self Stick Access Doors

Access doors are used in duct systems for many reasons. Entry is often required to facilitate duct cleaning, examine equipment, or to test, repair, or troubleshoot system components. Duro Dyne NHSAD & NCSAD access doors provide an easy four step solution. Size and cut a hole in the duct wall. Peel the release paper from the foam gasketed access door frame. Press the frame into position. Insert one screw into each of the four pre-punched holes in the frame.

▪ 24 gage galvanized steel construction
▪ Saves time and is easy to position - No frame “dove tails” to align and bend
▪ 10 stock sizes from 6x6 through 24x24
▪ Tested to 10’’SP with minimal leakage
▪ One inch wide gasketed frame for fastening and sealing integrity
▪ Doors insulated with one inch thick fiberglass

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Vision Panel Access Doors

Install a Vision Panel Access Door from Duro Dyne wherever duct access is necessary. Square tabs make for an easier and safer installation process. A clear vision panel allows visual duct inspection effortlessly! Manufactured of 24 ga galvanized steel, a 1” 1-1/2 lb. fiberglass insulation and door to frame and frame to door gasket Duro Dyne IADVP’s provide an airtight seal with the added convenience of a vision panel.

NON-STOCK ITEM - Please allow a 3 week lead time

▪ Door to Frame & Frame to Duct all around neoprene gasket for airtight seal
▪ Filled with 1”1-1/2 lb., fiberglass insulation
▪ Doors 14” and larger utilize additional cams
▪ 24 gauge galvanized steel
▪ Square tabs for easier & safer installation
▪ .125” plexiglass window to view inside of ductwork

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Locking Devices

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